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Sotheby’s New Wine Store

Blog by Julie Dempsey | May 23rd, 2011

Did you know Sotheby's is more than just one of the best real estate companies on the world? Last Fall Sotheby’s Wine launched its new retail business, with a state of the art website and a completely re-imagined and redesigned retail space on the ground floor of Sotheby’s headquarters in New York. Renowned Saint Louis-based designer Deanna Kuhlmann-Leavitt was the designer.

Sotheby’s Wine is both a retail wine merchant and auctioneer, with a store in the lobby of Sotheby’s headquarters building in New York, at 72nd and York.

Sotheby’s Wine, which was formerly known as Aulden Cellars, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sotheby’s Inc. In May 2009, we combined our retail and auction wine businesses under the “Sotheby’s Wine” name and now offer a full range of buying and selling services across both channels.

With the launch of our retail website, we will be able to offer wine buyers a wider range of wines, available for more immediate delivery (and consumption), in addition to our regular auctions.

In our new retail business, we apply the same exacting standards that we have used in our traditional auction business, with a focus on sourcing excellent wines, in pristine condition and from impeccable sources.

However, we can now sell them directly to you, at a fixed price, in whatever quantity you would like and for immediate delivery.

Whether you are buying a small number of bottles for a party, a bottle as a gift, buying wines for investment or building a great wine collection, we will be delighted to help and advise you at both retail and auction.


We select every wine based on how it tastes, whether it is of high quality for the price, thereby offering good value for money, and is representative of the region from where it comes. Our preferences are reflected in our range and our favorite Chateaux, Domaines or Wineries are frequently featured. We regularly visit different wine regions all over the world, spend time with owners and winemakers, many of whom have become friends. While we focus a lot of attention on buying wines from the best producers, we also spend time looking for great value wines that are not available in the US and have many wines from Bordeaux and Champagne that are exclusive to us.