Poke your head inside the Smith lobby and you’ll see two important things. The first is a fresh space that’s welcoming and perfectly scaled. Pops of citron catch your eye. So will the matching Tom Dixon chandeliers dramatically suspended above the reception area.

That’s when you notice the second thing: your own concierge – your personal receiver of packages, greeter of guests and maker of witty conversation. Finally the most important detail is that it’s going to feel like home: the lush parkway entrance, the bright intimate lobby...and being greeted by a friendly face whose sole objective is to simplify your life. Ah, home.

Smith's interiors have been crafted with a higher level of design awareness, with materials and features specifically chosen for the style and sharpness they add to the space.


Car Detailing: Drop your keys with the concierge and return to a gleaming vehicle, inside and out. That's one less thing on your to-do list.

Key Service: Maybe a friend is staying at your place while you’re out of town or the cleaner needs to be let in while you’re at work. The concierge will take care of all that key swapping for you.

Package Storage: Your days of lining up at the post office to retrieve packages are over. Let your concierge sign for them and safely store them until you return home.

Dry Cleaning: Be ready for that meeting, that date or that soiree by taking advantage of the convenient dry cleaning service.

Bike Share: Sign out one of the Smith bikes and enjoy 17th Ave. on two cool wheels.

Tool Library: If it’s time to hang a picture or assemble a shelf and you’re missing the right equipment – no problem. Smith has a big toolbox that’s yours to borrow from.

Linear Park: Be ready for that meeting, that date or that soiree by taking advantage of the convenient dry cleaning service.

Before making your grand entrance into the building, notice the beautiful greenspace that surrounds you. Smith has been generously (and cleverly) set back from 6th street, which created plenty of room to design a lush green space as a break from the city whirl. The landscaped plaza frames Smith's front entrance, giving residents and neighbours a tucked-away pathway, benches, springtime blossoms and greenery to enjoy.

Building Address
15th Ave SW & 6 St SW

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