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$1000 Reno's to Boost the Value of Your Home

Blog by Julie Dempsey | January 19th, 2012

I was just reading thru this months issue of Canadian Real Estate Wealth and they created a list of Top 4 $1,000 reno's to increase the value of your home and the probability of selling it more quickly...here's a quick re-cap:

1. Upgrade the kitchen: fresh paint, new sink/tap, replace outdated door handles, paint the cabinets and add a modern backsplash.

It's hard to stretch $1,000 in a kitchen, but these are great ideas! 

2. Install dramatic lighting. Remember that lighting can change the mood when placed on a dimmer. You want to install grand pieces not gaudy invasive or heavy looking. A light fixture that is a proper scale and design will help the property sell faster or for more money.

Light fixtures are the jewelery of the home.

3. Power wash the exterior. It's important to remove dirt and grime from the buildings surface to present a home that's been well cared for. Don't forget to do the driveway (remove oil stains), sidewalk and front entry. Cost on this project varies $300 - $600. I'd like to add a comment to get the windows cleaned inside & out.

4. Replace switches and fixtures where the finish is wearing off. Remember that old brass fixtures will date a home and drag down the overall aesthetic of the property. Light switches and fixtures, door handles, hinges and faucets - these are all items that people not only see but touch, and touch has a very high subconscious impact on people.